Frequently Asked Questions

May 10, 2021

When is the Auction (Updated)

Bidding starts at 6pm on the 12th of June 2021. Stay connected through our social media and the form below, to get SMS and email notifications prior to the event.

How to Bid

The auction will be live for 24 hours. During which anyone can login to the site and add their bid. You will be able to see the current maximum bid in the product page.

What is the Bid Fee

Bid fee is a one time registration fee to verify your bid. Once the auction is over, this will be refunded to you in total. You do not have to pay a bid fee, to increase your bid. If you have won a bid, you can finalize the payment, after which the Bid fee will be refunded to you. If you want to bid on multiple products, you have to make a bid fee for each product.

How can I pay

You can use any of the following methods to complete the payment.

Visa / Master / Amex cards
Bank Transfers

What if I win

Our team will contact you at the end of the auction to confirm the payment.

How are the tokens minted

We are using an already audited contract to mint the tokens once the auction is finalized. The tokens will be transferred to you within 3 working days.

How do I get the token

Once the payment is made, the NFT Token will be transferred to you within 3 business days. Incase you are not familiar with cryptocurrency and NFT, our team will help you get started!

Want to know more?

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