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Sigiriya, 2077
by Deluge of Ash 

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The Sri Lankan artist Deluge of Ash reimagines Sigiriya in a futuristic, cyberpunk inspired setting with “Sigiriya, 2077”. This treasured heritage of Sri Lanka was a haven for artists to express their work, which is why its fitting that this becomes the first Sri Lankan NFT to be auctioned, marking the entry of Sri Lankan artists to the next step of digital art!

Sigiriya (Translation: Lion Rock), is an ancient rock fortress of Sri Lanka that dates back to 477AD and beyond. Kashyapa I was the king’s son by a non-royal consort who seized the throne from the rightful heir. Afraid of an attack by the same, Kashyapa moved the capital and his residence from the traditional capital of Anuradhapura to the more secure Sigiriya.

Sigiriya is home to Sigiri Apsara, also known as Sigiriya Frescoes, are wall art and colourful paintings found inside a picture gallery in the Sigiriya Rock. The images depict ladies in various postures with some carrying flowers with them. The true identity of these females are still a mystery.

Apart from it being a lonely rock that towers above, Sigiriya is popular for more than its art and poetry. Sigiriya is an architectural marvel that leaves you at a loss for words. The water gardens, boulder gardens and the palace on the top are a few of the wonders that made Sigiriya a UNESCO listed World Heritage. Some speculate that Sigiriya was originally the seat of the mythical king Ravana of Lanka as well.

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